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Reporting in
Mon Mar 4 15:29:29 2002

Septfoil left Wysteria, his task firmly entrenched in his mind. Unlike other encounters, he couldn't just send a runner to fetch the rabbit he was looking for. This time, he had to find Caliber himself.

Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't spend too much time searching. He found his rah above ground (SFL). He approached, stood formally, and gave his report.

"Sir, I've been working on the problem of the Telestran prisoners" he began. "I've had Mystia, the closest rabbit we have to being an expert on the Telestrans, interview them. Though a large number of them should be put to death, there are a few among them that can be saved" he said.

He paused for a moment, but began again before the rah could respond. He knew that he was instructed to execute them all, so he had to speak fast to try and convince him that sparing the good ones was the right thing to do.

"Mystia knows what they are capable of, and if she says that they can be genuinely reformed, then I believe her. There is no Telestra for them to go back to, so I believe that they can make productive members of the warren" he finished. He stood stoically, waiting and wondering how the rah would react. This was the moment that he had been dreading. It was now time to find out what was going to happen....