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Fri Mar 8 18:16:59 2002

He watches the reactions of the rabbits of his warren.

Mutiny. The thought washed throug his mind like a wave of revelation. How could he have been so stupid. He knew what it took to run a warren. An iron fist. Septfoil clearly did not have that. What had he missed while he was away? What had the warren become in his absense? Just another pathetic excuse of existance.

He was clearly outnumbered. And he was not stupid.

He shook his head.

"You all disappoint me."

He ignored Mystia and the other's heroic attempts. He knew that one-on-one he could distroy every rabbit in front of him. But he would not last in a fight with all of them. His years of experiance told him otherwise... and although he had an ego and bursting confidence... he did not beckon death.

He gave a quick nod to the guards and they quickly and easily took ahold of the Telestrian rabbits (Aiszaly and Tfiltli) and escort them back to the prisoners burrow. ((SFL)) They obeyed.

He nodded after them. "That is what I should like to see from the rest of you. Obediance." He snorted.

"You disgust me." Shaking his head. He looked to the small audience in front of him... and noticed some other rabbits gathering as well ((Just NPC rabbits, or...?)). He did not even recognize most of the faces, other than perhaps vaguely meeting them once. It was a mutiny. A mutiny that Septfoil had started.

It would make sense for these rabbits to want to follow Septfoil, as he had been their Rah most likely the entire time most of them had been here. He had not.

But Septfoil was not the true Rah. He was.

And he would not stand for this. Mutiny was the worst type of betrayal that a Rah could experience. It was not just one rabbit... it was the entire warren.

"Septfoil... please assume proper position while standing before me, and addressing me." He said rather diplomaticaaly to his captain, all signs of anger seeming to have vanished from his voice and features. Now he seemed most calm.