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Fri Mar 8 18:39:24 2002

Lymthiltlay saw what Septfoil did. There was no longer any point in waiting. She glared at Caliber.

"Even your Captain of Owsla defies you, Caliber-rah. I remember when I first joined that he regretted your going away. And now you have managed to turn him against you. I congratulate you, Caliber-rah. You are even more incompetent than Carlisp."

She heard the sound of two rabbits approaching. Without turning her head, she already know who were the two rabbits. She smiled to herself as Mystia delivered her challenge. Caliber was really in deep hraka now.

Rawthorn had followed Mystia, and took in what was happening. He glanced at Aiszaly, then at Tfiltli, then at Lymthiltlay. He was not entirely sure what was going on, but from what Mystia said, this Caliber-rah was the source of the discord. He thought it best to remain quiet for the time being.

Tfiltli was gladdened that Septfoil, Lymthiltlay and Mystia had stood up for Aiszaly. He bent down to Aiszaly. "Don't be afraid, Zaly. I won't let anything happen to you."

Then the guards went for Tfiltli and Aiszaly.

Lymthiltlay's eyes flashed. "You pieces of hraka!" She went for the other guard, lashing out with her claws.

Tfiltli immeadiately grabbed hold of Aiszaly and held her tight to his body. "Don't take her! Please! Take me if you want, but for Frith's sake don't take her!"

Rawthorn stood by, wondering whether he should join in. It didn't feel appropriate... he had no right to participate in what was basically a civil war, had he? But then, Caliber was threatening the Telestran prisioners... he was threatening what was left of Telestra... how could he, as Telestran Captain of Owsla, stand aside?

And yet, if he joined in, who was to say that this could be turned against him? Or Mystia, for that matter? Or any of the other rabbits fighting? He didn't care what happened to himself, but he didn't want to get others involved.