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Fri Mar 8 18:52:45 2002

((OOC: I hope no one minds me playing one of the guards, the one she's fighting...hmm. If someone does mind, we can always say this post is null or something....))


The guard hissed and quickly turned to face Mystia.

"Disobedient doe...."

Mystia growled, not caring, as she swiped at the guard's face again, but the guard knew better and ducked...swiping at Mystia's outstretched paw in return. Even though it hit, Mystia didn't seem to care, as she continued by jumping into the guard with teeth and claws going....although the guard was ready, he was knocked over, and they rolled, clawing and biting at each other at any opportunity. Both of them were getting and giving damage, from claws and teeth as they rolled around rather noisly as rabbits will. But it was a few moments later, when Mystia found herself on top, she paused in her swinging for a second, and muscles in her right paw tensed for a split second....and her entire body seemed to gather all of its power into that one paw...and she brought it down Hard towards the Guard's neck. The guard was too busy trying to do damage to her sides with his claws, and trying to hit her neck...luckily for Mystia, he missed. if everything was slow motion for the two of them, Mystia's paw gorged into the guard's neck. The guard's body writhed around horribly for a couple seconds, then went limp. She growled and got off the guard, knowing full well the guard stopped running. She was scratched up a bit...but didn't look too bad for fighting the Rah's personal guard. She quickly looked around for her next opponent. She pondered whether to help Lymthiltlay, or to just fly into Caliber...especially after seeing him hit Septfoil. She liked Septfoil, and quickly thought he was a better Rah...however, she decided to wait for Sepfoil's reaction to getting hit.