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Fri Mar 8 19:39:46 2002

Lymthiltlay shrugged. "He won't be able to do anything for a while anyway. Besides, he's in a minority here, I would imagine. He can't harm us."

She glanced over at Septfoil and Caliber.

"Sure, you can count me in." She then looked at Rawthorn. "What are you doing standing there, anyway?"

Rawthorn shook his head. "If I said or did anything, it wouldn't be appropriate, would it? I'm the Telestran Captain of Owsla after all. As long as these two aren't in immeadiate danger," gesturing at Tfiltli and Aiszaly, "there's no need for me to interfere."

Tfiltil looked at the mess before him. He was not entirely sure of what was happening, but it sure did look like a mutiny. He held Aiszaly closer to him. He had to protect her at all costs.