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When the time comes
Fri Mar 8 19:57:40 2002

Rawthorn nodded. "When the time comes..." He looked at the fight between Caliber and Septfoil. "I'm not sure what to make of that. Carlisp-rah and myself never came to blows, though we did disagree on certain things."

Lymthiltlay noticed the odd pairing of Rawthorn and Mystia with some amusement. Somehow, it seemed fitting... Nah, it must be her imagination. She smiled to herself.

Rawthorn felt pain when Mystia spoke such of his rah... but he said nothing. What good would it do? It was all in the past. Instinctively he thought of Redstripe. Was he still alive? And Fanalia... what happened to her after she hopped off into the distance? And what of the rest of the Council? He was sure that Versen was still alive somewhere... the wily old rabbit could survive anything, he thought wryly to himself.

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