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Ever watchful...
Fri Mar 8 18:57:18 2002

*She watched from a high above post in the cottonwood tree... watching below how the praere gathered in dispute against her long time friend Caliber. But who was she to interefere? She had not taken a notice to his change in attitude... or more so, perhaps she had, but simply had not cared. After all, az were widely known to be creatures of chilled minds.*

*Her tail fliped... alternating which way it laid on the body-thick tree branch. She remained silent... not speaking unless she was fully aware of the situation, of which, in this case, she certainly was not. And also it seemed as though right now would not be the time to step in. This ordeal needed to run it's course. She wasn't about to interfere with such a drama.*

*She yawned idly... keenly taking in the words of the praere... but remaining silent and observative... always ever watching.*