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Fri Mar 8 18:36:59 2002

As unbecoming as it was for any rabbit, much less the Captain of the Owsla, to be unaware of what was going on around him, Septfoil totally ignored Mystia. He also had mysteriously calmed for some reason, his attention totally focused on the rah.

He complied with the rah's wishes and stood formally before him. This was strictly business now. He didn't know what the rah had in mind for him, but if he was to get him to see reason it was best not to antagonize him too much.

"You have to be shown the error of your ways" he said in an even, but low tone. "Words just aren't getting through to you. This is the life you lead. Your behavior is what is causing this. If you cannot do what's best for the rabbits of the warren, you better believe that they will mutiny!" he said, never taking his eyes off of the rah.

He hadn't realized it at the time, but he had just committed himself to doing just that; mutiny. He prayed to Frith that he was doing the right thing....