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Fri Mar 8 18:58:48 2002

The rah had a sudden change of attitude? He saw the 'light' that quickly? Septfoil doubted it, and he wasn't about to trust him. Especially after he stressed the word friend. He was up to no good, that he was sure of. Caliber didn't appoint him Captain because he was stupid.

After Caliber said that he wanted to work out their differences, he rose. He addressed the others around him. "Caliber-rah has finally agreed to work this all out. I will work with him to get him straightened out. No one is to harm him in the meantime. If he's being insincere, then we'll deal with that later. We shouldn't be fighting each other. That will also not do the warren any good. Everyone calm down now. He has agreed to talk this out" he said to all present.

He had almost believed his own words, but not quite. Caliber had moved to his left side while he spoke. He turned aroudn to face him, only to meet with a swipe of the rah's claws.

Instinctively, he lashed out at Caliber, trying to get a heavy swipe across his face.