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Fri Mar 8 18:45:28 2002

((OOC to Mystia: Hmm, they're NPC chars... anyone can play them. *lol*))



He watched and listened to Septfoil's words, nodding slightly... again appearing to remain calm.

"Perhaps you are right, my friend." Stressing the last part heavily, all of a sudden an amused expression crossing him. "My thanks, Septfoil, for showing me the light."

He let out a chuckle, and it sounded rather jovial. It was almost awkward to exude such happiness at such a dismal time.

He nodded... and hopped to stand beside Septfoil... facing his side. "Let us put behind our differences, and smooth things out again, shall we?"

If he could grin, he would.

An evil glint hinted in his eye, and out of nowhere, he lifted his paw and slashed it down towards Septfoil's exposed haunch... marking him for his disobediance.