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Something bothering you?...
Fri Mar 8 16:11:27 2002

Lymthiltlay and Tfiltli hopped out into the open for a silf. Lymthiltlay had decided that it was better to let the Telestrans a little more freedom of movement than just keeping them in the holding burrow. So she had gotten some other rabbits to keep an eye on the rest of the Telestrans, but in the meantime allowed them to roam the warren grounds. Meanwhile, she would keep an eye on Tfiltli.

The two were hopping along when suddendly they ran into Septfoil. Lymthiltlay could see that he was upset about something. "Something bothering you?" she asked in an even tone.

Meanwhile, Tfiltli's ears pricked up at the sound of hissing in the distance. The voice seemed familiar...