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Fri Mar 8 17:55:36 2002

"He does? Hmm... I didn't know that." Lymthiltlay was about to say more, but Caliber-rah had by then called for Septfoil. Better see for herself, she thought. It would be the first time she saw the rah face to face, at any rate. So she went after Septfoil, Tfiltli in tow.

She looked reproachfully for a moment at Aiszaly; clearly the kit had acted out of her depth. But she was more disgusted with the tone that Caliber-rah was using. Nay, she was furious at the arrogence of this excuse for a rah.

She glanced at Septfoil. He wouldn't do it, she thought to herself. But if he made even a small movement to threaten the kit, Lymthiltlay would fight. She couldn't have this.

Tfiltli had no such hesitation. He dashed in front of Aiszaly, blocking Septfoil's and Caliber-rah's way (SFL).

"Don't do it! If you want to find a scapegoat, kill me instead! Aiszaly is just a kit! She's innocent!" The desperation in his voice was apparent.

Lymthiltlay shook her head inwardly. This Telestran had let his emotions get the better of him. But then, perhaps it was understandable. It was just that she was not in favor of such violent demonstrations.