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She growls...
Fri Mar 8 17:55:08 2002

They'd hear a bit of a growling as a large doe approached, as she narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"I sense evil here....and I do not like it. I know who you are, Caliber....and I do not like what I see and are more evil than half of the Telestrans ever were. I singlehandedly defeated their not forget this, Caliber....I have fought the Telestrans for most of my life, and my entire warren was destroyed by them, except for Me, and a couple rabbits who were not present at the time. If it were not for your guards that you so cowardishly hide behind, I could remove you right now, for that is what I believe needs to be done--you are evil in your own ways, just as much as Carlisp was, may Frith curse his name. I dare you to challenge me yourself and dispense with your guards--do not even think of telling them to attack me, they will regret following your order. I suggest you get rid of this attitude of yours. You are going to lose your own warren very quickly if you do not wisen up, and follow El-ahrairah as all Rahs were meant to."