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Fri Mar 8 18:21:12 2002

Wysteria was hunched over in the grass not far off, pretending to silflay. Of course she had been eavesdropping, and she was quite shocked at the behavior of the cheif rabbit, Caliber-rah, that her marli had spoken of so highly. She sensed that something was terribly wrong, and her suspicion was confirmed when Septfoil and two other rabbits came over and then stood up for the kitten that apparently was to be executed. Wysteria had been a kitten herself until recently, and was still young. She knew that the little kitten in the middle of the mess that was taking place was probably frightened, although she had her doubts about this after seeing the kitten spit in the rah's face like that.

She stayed where she was, not planning on moving or getting involved in the situation unless she had to.

OOC: My, what long posts we have in this thread. ;-)