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My stance
Fri Mar 8 17:56:57 2002

Things were going more downhill by the second. Now he had reached the moment that he had greatly wanted to avoid. He would have to not only openly defy the rah, but he'd have to protect the kit himself if the rah or his bodyguards went to harm her.

He tried to remember the good times. He remembered how the rah had taken him in, given him a home and a rank of respect. He remembered fighting alongside him during their all-to-frequent battles. He remembered the trust he had put in him to be rah of the warren while he went away to repay an old debt. He should listen to the rah now; he had done so much for him.

But had was the operative word. Now, Caliber was cold-hearted. Merciless. Unfriendly and unapproachable. Some of those traits were good to have in a militaristic warren, but he had the latter ones too, and he had all of them in excess. What kind of leader could rule like that?

A dictator. Caliber went from being a leader that ruled with sensibility to one that just wanted his own way. He had become an extremist, and he had to be shown the error of his ways. Someone had to stand up to him. Present circumstances dictacted that it would be him.

"You want to know where I stand on this?" he asked in a low tone. "I'll tell you exactly where I stand on this" he added, walking over to Aiszaly.

"I will not harm her, not allow you to either!" he said loudly in outright defiance.

OOC: By the way, Gunner had said (a while ago now) that he wanted a position like what you have the NPC bodyguards doing.