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Yes, there is
Fri Mar 8 17:32:20 2002

Septfoil looked up from his wandering. He had found the first rabbit of the hrair he intended to poll. He didn't know her companion, but from his scent he knew he was Telestran. He probably was the one she was assigned to guard. That much made sense.

He answered her as calmly as he could, though it was easy to tell that he was agitated. "Yes, there is" he said, pausing for a moment. "Caliber-rah still intends to exectute all of the Telestrans, and I haven't been able to convince him otherwise" he said. "Therefore, I need to get the warren's opinion of this action, and while I'm at it, find out what they think of his behavior of late" he finished.

He waited a few moments for her to respond, but those were moments that he did not have. The rah had called him over. "Think on it a bit. I apparently have some business to attend to" he told her.

He left her, steeling himself again for whatever the rah had in mind.

It turned out that he didn't have to worry about what the rah was going to do to him, but to the Telestran kit. His listened to what the rah said, and he visibly became more angry. Not because of what the kitten said, but that she said anything at all. She didn't have the sense not to speak like that to the rah at any time, much less when her future was at stake.

There wasn't much he could do for her. He didn't know if he had met her or not, but the fact that she was not in the holding burrow with the degenerate Telestrans proved that she was one of those that he was trying to save.

"What should be done with her?" he asked Caliber. "You already intend to have her executed, so that's why she reacted that way. She figured that there was nothing else to lose. What could she fear more than death?" he asked, and almost wished he hadn't. The rah had been in the company of those shady rabbits for a long time, and he didn't want to know if they taught him anything that might qualify....