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It starts
Fri Mar 8 17:38:57 2002

Septfoil's words shocked him again... though he was used to it by now. He could see what kind of rabbit Septfoil had become... soft, and leniant. Mercy had no place in this warren. It was about dicipline. It was about power, and rank, and structure. He had come back to a joke. This was not his dream of a warren, it was worse than his old home.

"I had trusted you Septfoil." He shakes his head... the disappointment in his voice so thick that you could cut through it with a knife.

"There are worse things than death Septfoil. You should know that." He snorts. "Perhaps if this imputent doe had shown potential my mind could have been changed. Instead, she backed up and confirmed my entire argument!"

"Where do you stand Septfoil? What is your choice?"

He stepped aside slightly, giving Septfoil full range to the doe. He nodded, signifying and giving the order silently for Septfoil to dispose of her. To kill her. He knew Septfoil knew what he meant.