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Thu Mar 7 17:20:54 2002

Septfoil remained impassive during the reprimand from the rah, but inside it was all he could do to control himself. He took it all in, and was hurt by every word. The rah was willing to kill the innocent along with the guilty! He could not stand by and allow this.

But really, what could he do? The rah was right; you let the enemy off easy one time, and they can come right back and finish the job, not making the same mistakes. Or, since they had pretty much destroyed the entirety of Telestra by defeating their attack, letting them off could set an example to others. An example that sent a message that they didn't want to have; they were soft, weak, and forgave those that tried to kill them.

But there was the crux of the matter. Not all of the Telestrans that came over had the intent to kill. He fully agreed with the rah's decision on those that did; it was the ones that didn't where he disagreed.

"I'm short-sighted?" he screamed in thought. "Me? No my friend, it is you that doesn't see why we should spare the innocent. We have rabbits that will fight for us, increase our strength. Frith knows we need it after fighting them. So why should we give up that advantage?" he mentally asked. He looked in the direction that the rah had gone. "I know where I stand on this. If you can't see the logic behind it, then I'll have to go behind your back. I will not stand by and let you kill them!" he vowed silently.

But realistically, what was he to do? He couldn't hide them, at least not long. He thought for a few moments, then decided not to make the decision himself. They had a Council, and this was a perfect reason to assemble them. The rah would be present at the meeting, so he should inform him now so that it didn't look like he was trying to do something sneaky. He mentally prepared himself and followed after the rah.

He apparently hadn't gone too far (SFL). Knowing what to expect this time, he braced himself for whatever the rah was going to say in retaliation.

"Sir, I understand that we are of different opinions in this matter. I propose that we assemble the Council to discuss this. There are merits to both our arguements don't you think? Let the Council decide then what should be done" he told him, as diplomatically as he could with his rising ire.

OOC: Bring on reason number 2!