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Over hears and is disgusted!!
Fri Mar 8 15:04:54 2002

The young Telestran kit had been siflaying not too far from Septfoil and Caliber-rah. Several times while the cheif spoke she hissed in disgust. Waiting until Septfoil had left, she hopped over to the cheif. "You speak of us as womrs, and bottomfeeders but you are truely much worse than us!" She spat at Caliber's face. "You know nothing of the live we lead, you elil! Yet still you treat us with the contempt that you would a man! You are Not fit to be a cheif!! I might have hated Carslip-rah with all my heart, but at least he knew how to run a warren!" She growled, her eyes, tiny little slits of deep red. "El-ahrairah would sick to the heart with the example of rabbitary set forth! You are by far wose than any elil any rabbit has ever encountered! You, King Fur-Rocious, are a pittiful example of cheif indeed. Frith would be Disgusted with your disdain!" She hissed like a cat. She stood waiting for his reply.

OCC~ Apperently Aiszaly is getting off on the wrong paw!