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Fri Mar 8 17:09:33 2002

OOC: Ohhh yea... VERY wrong paw. LOL



He looked upon the young doe with utter shock. He found himself at a loss for words... of course, not for long.

He raised himself up to his full height and puffed out his chest, looking highly intimidating, especially to a young doe. He spoke in a cruel, icy tone, and his eyes reflected a evil glint in them.

"You speak to me with such insolence? Such free words, with not a hint of respect?" said calmly. "Do you even know what I could do to you?" His eyes narrowed.

Then she spat in his face.

His eyes widen slightly, growing with rage, and he lets out a cruel chuckle. "Telestrian scum. My thanks for proving my point about why we need to dispose of you and the rest of your survivors."

He lifted himself up onto his hind legs and raises his right paw in a harsh and powerful swipe across the doe's face. Of course his strength and presence was much more powerful than hers. Even if there was not much physical damage inflicted by the blow the momentum and force alone would have caused her to lose her footing.

He gave a nod and quickly instructed his "foot men" to restrain her, and guard her. ((These are Cal's NPC foot men, mind you. *snickers* Like his bodyguards. Two of them.))

"Do not let this miserable worm out of your sight... or else." He barked with anger at his guards. They were large rabbits, and could easily contain such a doe.

He turned and stormed off with a purpose to go find Septfoil... finding him easily, as they were not that far off, with Lymthiltlay and Tfiltli, one which he vaguely recognized, the other rabbit not sparking a memory at all.

"Septfoil!" He called out when in ample hearing and seeing distance... approaching the small group quickly.

"Come with me. Now." he said in a "don't mess with me" and comanding tone of voice.

He directed Septfoil ((SFL)) back to the misbehaved doe and his guards.

"This doe needs to be taught her place. If I were even to repeat some of the things she said to me it would make your blood boil." as it was clear his was.

He spent a brief moment repeating some of the doe's harsh words to Septfoil.

He glared at the doe for a moment. "Her blatant showing of disrespect can only be punishable with death. It had come as a surprise to me at first... until I learned that she was a Telestrian." He smiled rather smugly. He had just found the perfect example to back up his reasoning for disposing of the Teletrians. Clearly they could not be tolerated. Not 5 minutes had passed after the decision was made and already they were disrepecting the Rah of warren that, for the time being, had let them live.

That would not be tolerated in any warren... let alone a highly militaristic one. He knew that. He knew Septfoil knew that. He knew any sensible rabbit knew that.

He snorted... going back to his angered expression... waiting for someone's reaction.