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Thu Mar 7 21:18:31 2002

Septfoil had expected worse from the rah, so had no trouble keeping up diplomatic appearances. "No sir. I'll take care of it" he said formally.

He did not care if he was dismissed or not, Septfoil had to get away from him before he did something he'd regret. He needed to go off and think. He still had no intention of complying with the rah's orders, but he had no idea how he'd get away with it. He devised a couple of schemes to prove his point, but he threw them out when he realized one simple fact; the rah wasn't interested in listening, only being obeyed. He was about to make a big mistake, one that would harm the warren in the long run, and Septfoil didn't want to see him do that.

Maybe it was just him. Maybe Caliber was doing the right thing, and Septfoil was just being too lenient on the prisoners. He thought about that for a few moments, then decided that he'd need to find out for sure if that was what was happening. He needed to talk to someone, to anyone. Find out what the rest of the warren thinks about it. He hurried off to poll the other warren members. Not only about the execution of the Telestrans, but how they react to the rah's change in attitude.

OOC: Okay, who wants to be the first rabbit Septfoil asks?