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Thu Mar 7 20:46:14 2002

He had heard Septfoil following him... and he turned around with a bit of a groan to hear what he had to say.

"Did I not make myself clear, Septfoil?" He was a bit shocked. Septfoil had not once, but twice now disobeyed a direct order.

"This is not a council matter. This does not affect the entire warren. It is a bunch of bottom feeders, that, for some reason, you feel the need to save. There is no need to assemble the council and waste there time." Said with a hint of malice.

"The disappointment I hold for you is growing, captain..." Making a point to address Septfoil formerly, and therefore, not as friendly. "Are you too weak to do is? Is that perhaps the situation?" A look of cruel amusement crosses his face as he insults his captain's skills.

"Would you like me to dispose of the little worms? Or can you manage? Because if your quite done being a hero, I would like to be on my way. I do have other things to mull over, captain. This issue should be long gone and taken care of. Stop bothering me."

He pauses.

"Or shall you disobey me again?" Waiting for Septfoil's response... staring coldly at him.