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Thu Mar 7 16:04:00 2002

He stood upon the ridge as he was acustomed to... silflaying. He was thinking over tactics in his head... military strategies mostly. The Telestrians were sure to have allies out there who would pay for their stupid mistake. He was only sorry that he had not been here for the battle. He would have taught a lesson or two.

He finishes the last bit of crab grass he'd been nibbling on to see Septfoil climing to rise towards him. He straights up slightly... sending his captain a small nod.

He listened to Septfoil speak... an amused look on his face. He watched as his captain diplomatically tried to save the lives of the Teletrian scum.


He waited for Septfoil to finish... and then paused a few minutes before speaking himself, mulling it over in his mind.

"Septfoil..." he said, "Did I instruct you to seek Mystia's opinion on the matter?" tilting his head, his amused expression suddenly vanishing into a sternly serious one. "I clearly remember telling you to execute them, and that was all." He stared into Septfoil with a rather icy glare for a moment, remaining silent to let his words sink in... clearly displeased that Septfoil had disobeyed.

"I am so glad you took it into your own hands Septfoil. If that is what you had intended on doing to begin with then why did you even bother sending for me in the first place?" Again, the icy glare.

"I understand, Septfoil, that I gave you the responsibilities of Rah whilst I was away... but now I am back. I make the decisions. I am Rah." He said... giving a bit of a sneer at the end. "Do you remember the condidition of this warren not but mere days ago? With bodies littering the scape? The smell of death is still overwhelming." He snorts. "Do you know who did that? The Telestrians." His eyeridges lowering considerably to show his anger.

"They must be made an example of. If we are leniant with one enemy, the rest will walk all over us. It only takes one slip up!" He shakes his head.

"I am disappointed in you Septfoil. I had thought you to be a rabbit of more thoughts and more sensibility than this. You are normally one to see things for the long run... not just in the present." Again, he snorts.

"You are dismissed." said with a bit of contempt. "And if I have to tell you again to get rid of that Telestrian scum which plagues this warren again, there will be far more than harsh words exchanged between us, my captain."

He nods... and then turns, and hops off... muttering under his breath about disobediance.

((OOC: See, I made up for the time it took to reply with a -really- long post! *silly grin*))