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Fri Mar 8 19:38:35 2002

OOC: Okay... let's take the battle up here now...



He snarls at Septfoil's quick reflexes. But he had learned much during his absense. Sure, Septfoil had fought the Telestrian's in battle, but he himself had a lifetime of experience. He would not hesitate to fight back.

And he didn't.

He quickly brought up his left paw in defense against Septfoil's attacking one... while at the same time bringing his right claws back around to swipe at Septfoil's haunch again.

He quickly stepped back into an offensive positon, breathing heavily... eyes full of anger... ready to strike again if need be.

"Choose your words wisely, Septfoil. You can prevent this fray or make it worse. Do you really wish to continue with this? Are you really going to fight your Rah?" Raising one of his eyeridges in an angry fashion.

In all truth he didn't want to fight his long time friend and captain... but he wouldn't back down to his decisions, and Septfoil would have to pay for his disobediance in the given fashion of haunch-marking in order for him to be satisfied.