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Guessing game
Fri Mar 8 20:57:03 2002

Septfoil was becoming worse and worse off. First, he had a hard time seeing with the blood running into his eyes. Now it seemed like the rah tried to inhibit smell as well. It was soon going to be a guessing game as to where to attack.

Knowing where the dirt came from, he leaped again in that direction. Just in time to get caught by the rah's next attack. The kick caught him on the rightmost part of his underside, and it hurt. A lot. He was sure that he was bleeding there, and briefly wondered how he was able to keep up with his philosophy of "win first, heal later". Pain was a wonderful advocate of "heal now".

But he wasn't about to stop for it. Resting, healing, anything that would take him out of the fight would mean certain death. And if he was to save the innocent Teletrans, he could not afford to lose!

Septfoil's leap got him where he wanted. He landed on the rah's back, knocking him off balance (ooc: I got permission to do this). Now it was time for the close combat he was hoping for. He started off trying to dig his hind feet into the rah's flank and underside to cause damage.