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Fri Mar 8 20:41:54 2002

The noise of the two fighting rabbits echoed throughout the area.

He was impacted in the tender middle as Septfoil tried to butt in and get into close contact.

He growled.

He was filled with a hate and a rage. Perhaps this made him a bit too irrational. He rose up to his back feet, trying to find his footing and stand tall. His intentions were to swipe down hard onto Septfoil, but he wasn't thinking. It left his sensistive underside exposed fully.

Much to Septfoil's luck, it was ripped open. Fortunately not so much for him to be killed, but it certainly did hinder his abilities greatly.

He pawed some loose dirt into Septfoil's eyes, knowing that since his vision was blurred... and trying to haze the rest of his senses as well, such as smell. He twisted his body around, trying his best to ignore the rippling severness of the pain. He lashed out with his right hind leg... a powerful stroke that could easily cause massive damage if aimed correctly.