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Fri Mar 8 19:56:43 2002

He shook his head.

"What has happened to you?" he said, lathered heavily with disgust. "You and I used to be so much alike. You speak of logic? Look at what is before you! There are pip-squeek does defying the Rah! There are other does massacering the innocent as well!" He casts a nod in Mystia's and Lymthiltlay's direction. "Look at them brutally slaughtering your own forces! From Nepenthes! How can that go unpunished!?"

Again, he shakes his head.

"This is an outrage. My blood is boiling with your hazed actions, Septfoil. You have gone too far. You are blinded with... with... with kindness."

Then, he lunged for Septfoil, his claws forward and with the intent to rip through flesh. He was an adept fighter, and his size alone was an ordeal to overcome for most of his opponents.

He heaved his entire self onto his captain... not remorse... only anger fueling his intent. His claws and teeth aim for the vital areas - the neck, the eyes, the face, the torso - moving with a deadly speed and precision.

Though he knew Septfoil was not a dead fighter. This battle would be a bloody one.