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Fri Mar 8 22:27:39 2002

As Caliber's breathing slowed, Septfoil realized that he was losing a good friend. A friend that he had lost before when he left Nildro-Inlé for places unknown, but had now just only come back. While his friend was away, he was replaced by an evil rabbit, a cold and heartless one.

And he had to go.

He had tried to reason with the bad rabbit, but it didn't work out. Somehow he felt that he was to be obeyed without question or council. His friend was never like that. He kept trying to reach past the bad rabbit and find his old friend, but this only infuriated the bad rabbit.

Through battle he achieved his goal. The bad rabbit was defeated. There was only one catch; his friend died with him. There was nothing he could do for him now but wish him well. "My heart has joined the Thousand for my friend has stopped running today" he said. "I hope you find your place among the Black Rabbit's owsla. Rest well, my friend."