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Too late
Fri Mar 8 21:36:55 2002

Septfoil felt the rah weaken. He knew that when his adrenaline died down he'd probably feel just as weak. But that was for later. He still had a fight to finish!

Or so he thought. The rah had told him to get off of him. It wasn't a forceful cry out as tried to push him off. Rather, it sounded more like... a request?

Surprisingly, he did get up off of him. He didn't know why he did it, since they both were about to kill each other only moments before. But something in the rah's voice told him that it was important.

Had he finally gotten through to him? All though he hoped that he did, his realistic side told him 'no'. And although he was no medic, and could hardly see or smell for that matter, he could tell that the rah was in a bad way.

"Are you ready to hear me out" he said, wincing quite a bit during that short sentence. The patch of skin that Caliber had ripped from his throat made talking painful. Though he couldn't compare to what it seemed Caliber was going through....