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A little off the top
Fri Mar 8 21:22:50 2002

Septfoil saw that he had an advantage, and didn't want to give it up for any reason. As Caliber tried to shove him off with his hind legs, he shifted his weight so that he wouldn't have the force or leverage he needed to succeed.

Unfortunately his other endevours did not go as well. The rah's attacks on his sides hit, every one of them. The pain was intense enough to distract him long enough to be fatal. But Frith did not intend for him to die today. For it seems when Caliber got a hold of his neck, Septfoil was able to jerk away before he had gotten a really good hold. The result was that Caliber had ripped off a mouthfull of fur, skin, and minute amount of flesh.

He didn't want to give him a second chance to strike like that. He employed the same tactic against him, striking for his throat, as best as he could guess through his hazy senses.