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Fri Mar 8 21:55:29 2002

Septfoil sat there, waiting for the rah to speak. As the time passed, his hope that he would listen increased. But reality stepped in once again. He stepped toward Caliber a bit, trying to catch a specific scent with his diminished sense of smell.

He found it, in the quantity he feared. He smelled the blood, and more of it that was healthy. The blood-scent from the battle from the Telestrans had long since vanished, but he realized that no one in that battle that lost that much blood had survived.

He looked at the rah, wondering what was going to happen next. Surely he would not go quietly....

His thought was interrupted by action. He instinctively recoiled a few steps, ready to resume fighting. But Caliber wasn't fighting him. What was he doing? He hoped he found out soon, for he did not want his last memories of his rah to be that of an insane rabbit.