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Fri Mar 8 21:43:49 2002

He let out a quiet groan as Septfoil lifted himself from him. Then he just lay there... the only sound coming out of him is the heavy... gurgling, breathing sound.

He was dying. It was for certain.

He lay there for a long, long while. His labored breathing growing further and further apart.

The shadowed blur that was his current state of vision frightened him. He was afraid of the black rabbit.

Suddenly, the rush of fear fueling him, he got up, and in a frezy shouted out. "NO!" He was clearly in a state of insanity, or something similiar. He hunched over... eyes wide and bloodshot... almost shivering with fear... his ears flat against his head.

The blood continued to ozze quickly from his wounds. The increased heartrate from the sudden bout of fear only causing his body to pump it ouf of him faster.

Again he cried out, "No!". Suddenly, he lunged forward with every last amount of strength he could muster up. He lunged for Septfoil. Of course, at that time his perception of the figure he lunged at was not of Septfoil, but of something completely different.

With his claws and teeth bared he plundered into Septfoil, though with no particular aim... just forward.