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Fri Mar 8 21:29:06 2002

Septfoil's teeth sunk into his throat and he snarled out with pain and rage...

He was weak. He had lost much blood. Too much blood.

His swipes grew slower... less intense... and further stretched apart as opposed to the beginning when they were filled with vigor and purpose.

He laid there rather limply... feeling the blood drain from his throat... soaking into a puddle. The only thing he could smell now was blood. Whether it was his or Septfoils that was more overwhelming he could not tell.

His breathing grew thick, and wheezey... and heavy. It was a great struggle to breath at all, in fact. With the weight of Septfoil still on top of him, and the gaping wound in his throat, he could barely manage.

"Hraka..." he almost coughed out. "Get off... of me..." said with small gaps in between each word, using great effort just to speak at all.