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Fri Mar 8 20:21:10 2002

He felt the blood ooze out of his shoulder as Septfoil's claws came in contact with it. Though the wound was not deep. Septfoil didn't want to fight.

He would soon change that.

He doubled over and attacked again... swiping his right paw harshly towards his captain's throat, trying to contact close so that he may be able to end it.

He was trying to kill. There was no more talking, no more arguing, no more disagreeing.


He hard been hurt too baddly. But not physically. He had been betrayed. His own warren had turned against him, and his most loyal friend had led them.

What large emotional agony he felt before had been burried, and quickly transformed into rage. It had been taught. Perhaps it was the deeds of Tab and Tate and their foreign warren which taught him so, though he had been burrying his true emotions his entire life.

It no longer mattered. He knew that even if he succeeded in killing Septfoil that he would have the rest of the warren to deal with, unless he could somehow manage to kill Septfoil without inflicting any major wounds that would significantly hinder his travelling ability.

Unfortunately that was already too late. As he twisted his body to get a better shot at Septfoil, he felt the ripping pain in his shoulder. He would not be running anywhere fast.


He swipes his left paw quickly towards Septfoil's eyes, in quick succession of the first attack... trying to perhaps blind his opponent... or at least open a wound to where the blood would temporarily cause blindness.