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Fri Mar 8 20:33:30 2002

Caliber's facial attacks began to have their intended effect. Though he missed the eyes, he hit the area of his head above them. Septfoil was being blinded by his own blood as it began to flow.

He began to have a spiritual moment. He felt that his friend was only misguided, not cruel. He knew that they shouldn't be fighting each other. Whatever happened to Caliber in his absense was all the fault of the two strange rabbits that took him away when they sought refuge at Nildro-Inlé. If anything, Caliber and him should team up to find them. To fight them. Anything that it took to get the old Caliber back.

But that moment was just that; a moment. Self-preservation, instinct, and battle tactics all told him the same story. The rabbit in front of him, the one that yesterday he could still call 'friend', was trying to kill him. There was no room for idealizations. It was now either kill or be killed.

As his blood clouded his vision, he realized that in order to be effective still he'd have to grapple with the rah. He tried his best to get on the inside, leaping forward to engage the rah again. He didn't care what kind of damage he'd receive; if he was to survive the battle without the use of his eyes, he had to get into close combat with him.