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Fri Mar 8 20:48:40 2002

*It had come as a surprise to her... watching the prareoel and his right hand fighting at it. She was certain the end result would be death. She almost wanted to interefere... to just in and save Caliber... watching with a narrowed gaze and a low growl as his belly is ripped open and more of his blood is spilt onto the ground.*

*But she didn't. Nor would she. The strongest survive, and that is how it works everywhere. She would intervene if any of the other praere decided to tag-team... but as long as it was one on one... she would sit back and watch.*

*But it was with a heavy heart. She had lost many a friend... but Caliber had been there for so long. For years. And though her presence was not a common sight - often going off her own way as az so commonly do - when she had turned around and headed back towards familiarity, it had always been to the same place. Her pensive stare watched every movement... every breath with a hard intensity.*