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Fri Mar 8 20:13:13 2002

Septfoil was quite shocked at hearing the rah's reprimand. He was being too kind? Maybe he was. Maybe Caliber wasn't all to blame. Maybe he's gotten harder, and Septfoil has just gone soft. There had to be some happy compromise....

He didn't have time to consider it any longer. The rah had lunged for him, his eyes and other body language told him his intent. He would no longer stand for talk. There were no more words to be spoken. It was time to decide who was right by tooth and nail.

As the rah targeted his face, it was by pure luck he turned his head aside in time. That resulted in the force of the attack hitting him just above his right shoulder. The tan patch of fur there, a birthmark of sorts, was turning red as blood soaked it.

But he wasn't going to dwell on his injuries at the moment. He survived many a battle by fighting first, worrying about his wounds later. He turned with the blow, bringing his left forepaw around to strike Caliber's right shoulder. He wanted to inhibit his ability to fight, nothing more. There was still a small hope that pain might bring him to his senses and realize the pointlessness of it all.