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The Rabbit:

Name: Caliber-rah

Age: 2 years, 8 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Black and Dark Brown

Physical size: Large, very well off.

Current Rank: Former Rah -- Chief Rabbit, founder of Nepenthes Warren


When I was fairly young -- 3 months old -- I decided that I had had enough of my warren. It was pitiful. Everyone ran themselves, there was no order in the warren. The presence of an owsla was pointless, all they did was lie around in the sun, and took pride in having the title of 'officer' or 'sentry'. I left. My father had told me stories of warrens that fought other warrens -- to take them over, and expand. That's what I wanted. I wanted to put a use to my wonderful skills and talents. So I left. I soon stumbled across a warren called Crovax. I was young, and inexperianced, but they took me in and trained me. But I soon grew restless of that warren as well, and I left. So I founded a warren of my own in a convienient battle-ready location, and waited for physically stable hlessi to wander upon me. I named the warren Nepenthes Warren, after the vine plant that strangles other plants, and takes them over.

I am black, but am splashed over with dark, chocolate brown. When the sun is out and on me, I take on a more brown color than black. I am only black when in the shade, or concealed by night. I have blue-gray eyes, with a darker blue under-ring. With my fighting spirit, and bullying attitude, I am sometimes mistaken for an Efrafan. I am strong -- very well off. I have one battle scar, under my left haunch, from a stoat attack on my journeys, but other than that, I am lucky enough to have no other visible scars. I'm very handsome, my coat is shiny and healthy, my ears are long, and my tail is not too large. I am very cunning -- full of wits. I very rarely let my emotions get the best of me. My long powerful legs help me run very fast, and fight very well. A high specimen on the rabbit scale, as far as rabbits go.

My attitude towards life is based on power. My attitude is sort of that of General Woundwort's, but I am not evil. I don't trust many people, my Captain of Owsla is my best friend, which is a great honor. Though, once I consider someone a friend, I will give my life for them -- whether or not they are a doe, or a buck, or an elil. I am very honorable. My tolerance level is very low, I hate taking 'no' for an answer, and I don't work well with creatures ordering me around. But besides all of that, I am a pleasant rabbit, who enjoys most of the simply pleasures of life. A certain goal of mine is to take a doe, and have kittens. It would please me if I were to have a buck to take over my position, that came from my family, before someone else does.

A summary of the events of Caliber's death:


The Human:

Name: Bobby

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Screen Name: KernalCal



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