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Warren Map

Me, and a few other warrens have decided that it would be beneficial if we were to make a map of as many of the warrens that we can. It not only gets confusing as to where everyone is, but this way, we can also role play more realistically. People can't all of a sudden change their warren scenery as they sit fit. I've asked for each of the warrens to come up with a small description of what the scenery of their warren is, and where they'd like their warren to be located. Based on what they told me, I've attempted to make a visual map. I know it's not that wonderful, but at least it gives us a rough idea as to where everything is.

If you'd like to read the warren's physical description, then click on it's name. Otherwise, just observe the map to find a warren's location.

Current Warren

Nepenthes Warren


Nildro-inlé Warren


The Eye Of Inlé Warren

Nú Beatha Warren

Here's the map. I know that the image is a bit blurry, but it takes a while to make things look nice, so I've decided to wait until we have a full map to do that. This is how to pick your location... it sort of works like a Battleship Board. The letters are on top, and the numbers are on the side. If you want to be directly to the left of Nepenthes Warren, just e-mail me and say you'd like location C3. I'm sure you get the point. And, if you know of a landmark (i.e. Whitaker Manor) that should be on the map, such as a farm, then please let me know as well. I'm doing my best to fill in the blanks. I'm deciding that each square will represent about a 2 square mile radius. If this is too big or too small for any of you, please let me know. And obviously Nepenthes isn't two squared miles big, but that just means that there's nothing close enough to share the same square with it. Also, I didn't think that the map needed to be any larger, but if you think differently, then by all means, tell me.

I know this image is small and really blurry. To see a larger, more clear image, then click here.

This is a colored map based off the one above. Click on any warren to go to their homepage.

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