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The Rabbit:

Name: Aster

Age: 2 years 9 months (11/2002)

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark brown White under tail

Physical size: Huge (Woundwort size)

Current rank: Patrol/Civilian


Aster has lived in Efrafa all his life and when he was a small kitten he was taken from his sisters and mother by his father, General Woundwort who then trained him to become his next in line to be -Rah of Efrafa. But Aster never wanted this but his dreams he kept hidden from his father and when his father disapeared on Watership Down he began his journey in search of his sisters. His journeys brought him here to Nepenthes where he will soon find Delphinium one of his sisters.

Nearly a little over a year and half has passed since Aster cam to Nepenthes and lots has happened to the General's son.. He found only one sister, Delphinium and also found her mate, Rowin.. He became a member of the Owsla and was sent on many expoditions He spied on Alpha(?) Warren and then in turn he spied on Nu-Beatha in which he was captured and taken prisoner with his acountance Ariousbec..

Aster developed a condition where his body stopped healing itself and upon his return to Nepenthes he foud it difficult to tell Septfoil-Rah of it and asked to be taken out of the owsla..

Aster now is testing himself to become one of the wide patrols but he still dont feel right about taking rabbits out on expoditions where if he becomes wounded it would be worse then a normal rabbit.. Aster fears he will let his warren down in ways he can not control..


The Human:

Name: Mrs. Crystal Marie White (a.k.a.) KenjiStar81

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Screen Name: Kenjiofthestars




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