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The Rabbit:

Name: Astarte

Age: 3 years (12/2002)

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Dark gray with black points

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian


Astarte is a shy, and sometimes nervous rabbit. She was born in a warren called Avathar, a place not unlike Efrafa. When she was very young, her mother was taken away for opposing the rah Inlé-Hrair. She and the rest of her litter of 6 where taken and raised by a surly old nursemaid rabbit named Sibble. The warren was quickly becomming overcrowded and disease and hunger where rampant. She soon fell into despair of survival until she heard the news of two young does named Bibe and Willow who had escaped the death trap. She told this story to other does, and soon there was enugh of them to plan an escape. But the condition of Avthar was worsening and even the officers where affected. So it proved no difficult task escaping that place. Then with winter setting in, the group of does came upon a new warren and perhaps a new and better home.


The Human:




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