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The Rabbit:

Name: Aspen

Age: 3 weeks (11/2002)

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Ravenfeather black with a navy sheen to it (Like his mother)

Physical size: Big, but all muscles and whipcord

Current rank: Civilian


In appearance, Aspen looks very much like Delphinium, his mother. His coat is ravenfeather black like hers, and has an almost purple sheen to it when it's touched by moonlight. Also like his mother, his eyes are a deep blue-purple that change with his mood.

Aspen's got his own ideas about everything, and can be very stubborn, even to the point of being defiant. If there's something he HATES, it's being bossed around, which gives him a certain disrespect for authority and rules, but he WILL obey those that gain his respect. He sees himself as a rebel, but for the most part hes pretty clueless. Brave and crazy are two words that describe him well, but hes mostly just too young to know better.

He's got enough curiosity for 100 pffefas, and he tends to let it get him into trouble, but a mix of cunning and pure dumb luck tend to get him right back out again. Hes a thrill-seeker, and is always spitting in the face of danger in search of his next great adventure.

Needless to say, he's a kitten that'll keep his parents, Rowin and Delphinium, on their toes.


The Human:

Name: SilverRogue

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Screen Name: RogueSB


I play characters in several RP's:

At Nepenthes:

At Nu Beatha:

At Eye of Inle:

At Firebringer:


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