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The Rabbit:

Name: Amato (Loved)

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Reindeer Rabbit (Rot-weiler colors)

Physical size: Medium, lithe

Current rank: Civilian (aspiring Captain of Communications)


Born in a peaceful warren, Amato was raised in a community. The warren was rather large and had an owlsa but only used it to ward off elil. One day it was attacked by a small army of vicious rabbits which wanted the warren as its own. It was overtaken and most fled before being enslaved. Amato was the sole surviving kitten that escaped from the warren. After his mother was killed by a fox, a group of hlessil and learned how to live in his chaotic world.

He then decided to go off on his own, he wanted a warren to call home. After a very long journey, half-starved and near tharn he came to Nepenthes.

I am the normal colors of Reindeer Rabbits, which resemble a rot-weiler's coloring, rusty brown and black. I am a good size but more lithe and sinewy than bulky. I am terribly fast and clear headed.

I prefer anything to war, but in times of need, I will answer the call to battle. I am gentle, kind hearted, and very wise for my age. I've been known to predict the outcomes of battles, the first being my own which is why my family and I ran away the night before the attack. I want to be in Communicatioons because I am very good with words and I am a good people-rabbit. I'm also a pretty good poet.


The Human:

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Screen Name: MrPandaMan89



I used to own a rabbit which was a Reindeer Rabbit and that's why I'm so partial to them.


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