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The Rabbit:

Name: Alder

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Light Brown

Physical size: Medium

Current Rank: Civilian (aspiring Owsla Member)


Loyal, treacherous, cowardly, brave, a fighter, a peace maker. Many words have been used to describe Alder by many different rabbits. The only trait that remains constant is the fact that he is a vagabond, though whether that is because he has a restless nature or that he's been forced out hasn't been determined.

Alder has lived in many different warrens, under many different guises. Briar the stolid, dependable Captain of Owsla, until he led a doomed rebellion. Inlezorn, the weak, crazed soothsayer until he failed to foresee an out break of the white blindness.

When he finds himself in Nepenthes warren, he adopts the persona of Alder, a good natured though not overly bright rabbit who fled his warren when his Rah descended into madness.

Underneath the act he puts on, he is cynical, distrustful and paranoid, but is sometime capable of acts of kindness that even surprises himself.

Alder has played so many different roles that even he doesn't know who the real Alder is anymore. And that's how he wants it to remain. But even the most skilled at deception can't keep it up forever.


The Human:



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