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The Rabbit:

Name: AreeChalina

Age: 2 years 4 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Snowy white with beautiful blue eyes and a few brown streaks

Physical size: Medium, well built and good for kitten bearing

Current Rank: Civilian


I am a sensual rabbit. I want to be a caring mother for my kittens and companion for my buck. I hope my buck to be gentle and caring back to me, since I have had bad experiences with abusive bucks, much like General Woundwort, in the past.

I enjoy mating and I am great in the burrow. I will use my strong body to bear many kittens and keep our warren thriving and strong.

I was born to Cilinibar-Rah, a respectable chief rabbit from the north warren named Xalanvia, explaining my exotic coloring and sexual accent. The rabbits from Xalanvia were famous for their intellegence and new inventive ideas. Unfortunatly, my father's warren was overrun by white foxes and penguins who had allied together against the rabbits when I was a mere kitten of only 4 and a half months. My father did not make it out alive, it was only me and a buck Danvil who was unkind to me and gave me bruises on my left hind leg. However, he paid dearly for his actions when I killed him and left him to the Elil that surrounds the dangerous North. I prayed to Frith that I would someday find a safe warren that would nurture me for the true diva that I am.

So I traveled south adapting to the enviroment and developing my subtle, yet arousing, brown streaks. Now that I have found a real home in your warren, I hope that I can mate with a rabbit stronger than any other. Our kittens will have the strength of the south and the intellegence and inventiveness of the north warren Xalanvia.


The Human:

Gender: Female



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