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The Rabbit:

Name: Hralroo

Age: 8 Months

Gender: Male (Buck)

Coloring: Creamy White

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Civilian (Aspiring Council Speaker)


What are you like? (Personality, Detailed Physical Description, Background) Hralroo was the penultimately born rooli (rabbit-kitten) in the litter. His marli called him Hralroo which means Little-Cloud. As he to grew, he began to love to tell stories. Not only did he enjoy the tales of El-ahrairah, like most rabbits, but he loved to make up new ones too. He knew because of his size that he would never make a spot on the Owsla. Though, his greatest aspiration is to be Council Speaker.


He is completely white except for his left ear which is covered in night black. His nose matches his ear and his eyes are the shade of pine bark. His mind is as quick as his feet, and finally, he loves friends and adventure.


The Human:

Name: Cullen

Age: 11

I love RP as well as WD. When I heard about this site I had an ecstasy. I also like the Lapine language and would be delighted if I could write a story in it. And that's about it I guess!



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