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The Rabbit:

Name: Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka

Age: Adult

Gender: Buck (Male)

Coloring: Grey

Physical size: Giant

Current rank: Ally


A History of Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka's

The father of Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka, a name which means "Many Little God Droppings" was the original Frith Hraka, or "God Droppings", was the greatest son of, according to Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka, the greatest hare to ever live. His father had many great achievements, such as biting the nose of a 3 month old great dane who stuck his head into Frith-Hraka's hole, waking him from a sound sleep. Many of the gallant exploits of Frith-Hraka were blown out of preportion by none other than Frith-Hraka himself. A giant amongst giants, Frith-Hraka would of had hundreds, if not thousands of children. If he would see one of his children who he thought might grow up to be almost as big as himself, he would bestow the honorable title of Roo-Frith-Hraka. Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka was the 3rd born, of the 3rd in line to mate with Frith-Hraka, of Frith-Hraka's 3rd year. Frith-Hraka was fond of the number 3, being the number of meals in a day. For this reason, Hriar-Roo-Frith-Hraka was Frith-Raka's favorite. Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka, who was at that time known as Roo-Frith-Hraka, like all of the larger of his brothers, was going to his father's burrow. He had just heard that he was in a terrible fight with a hare that rivaled the size of Frith-Hraka. But before news had reached him, it was heard by the first born of his litter. This Roo-Frith-Hraka was bitter towards his father, because he favored me, the 3rd born, while the 1st born was slightly larger than myself. Seeing his chance the 1st born would challenge his father in his weakened state. But the great Frith-Hraka would not be usurped from the throne, and with the last ounce of his strength slew the 1st born just as I entered the burrow. With the chief dead I would take my place at the head of the my hares. But Roo-Frith-Hraka told all that he was given the strength of his father, the 1st born, and the rest of his litter that had died in the past two years, and gave himself the name of Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka. Since he could defeat any living hare he new, none of the other hares could argue that he wasn't given these strengths. He was brave and thick-headed like his father, not to mention a bit lucky. Two weeks later, during mating season, a young human boy came and scared away all the females just as he had picked who would be first. he ran into a bush, but remembering his father he ran out and scratched the young boy.he chased the boy a little ways, until a larger one, who happened to be the boys mother came. Being a little large for him he bolted back to his females before other males could use his property. He never mentioned the large human that frightened him away, but made the young boy sound horrible to the other males, who would believe his word over that of all the females. Not a year into his reign, all the females and most of the males ate grass that had been recently sprayed with chemicals and died. he took what was left of his once proud troop and traveled for the rest of the summer trying to find some other hares. After a dozen narrow escapes, Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka came upon the warren of Nepenthes. With no other hares, and no prsopects, Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka would settle here for the winter that would be here in just a few months.

Hrair-Roo-Frith-Hraka is very strong and very big, and always thinking of ways to make himself sound greater. His common lying makes him easier to trick, and not entirley trusted by the wiser of the lapine's. His brashness, and personnal luck can make him a danger towards his companions if there is a chance for personnal glory.


The Human:

Name: Dylan Sullivan

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Screen Name: coolhandluke




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