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The Rabbit:

Name: Hilltop

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark brown

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Drifter


Hilltop spent most of his early life in a lab, clouded in a mental haze. His mother had been experimented on before his birth, given some chemicals that were hypothesized to have behavioral side effects, and some of the drugs had affected his development. Before his own experimentation, Hilltop's mind was a mental maelstrom of chaos. He only knew pain and how to inflict it on others, and that was all consuming to him. His whole existance dedicated to inflict pain on anyone or anything he could before it could do the same to him.

Hilltop's disposition was only one of the results of his mother's testing. Along with his desire to destroy anything he perceived to be a threat, he has a reduced sensitivity to pain. The damage done to him is just the same as it would be to any other rabbit of his size, but he does not feel it as badly. He will keep going through it in order to destory what hurt him.

Though some of his traits were left over from his mother's testing, he has others that are due to he himself being experimented on. Hilltop was part of an experiment that had the potential to increase learning. The doctor in charge saw Hilltop's condition, and thought that he'd be an ideal candidate to test. Could making him smarter reduce his aggressiveness? He decided to find out. He gave Hilltop an injection of the serum, stuck a small metallic tag in his ear for tracking purposes later, then decided to watch the results.

The doctor's hypothesis initially seemed correct, and he was getting good results. He could almost see Hilltop considering his actions now, rather than acting first. He was quite pleased with what he saw, but he needed more natural data. He needed to see more; he needed to know how the rabbit would function outside of the environment of the lab. Would he retain any of his previous psychosis? How would he adapt to the world? Could he even learn to adapt? If his wonder drug was to be successful, he needed to know as much as he could about how it would affect the user of it.

Around this time he found out about Hilltop's mother, but he was so pleased with his results that he wasn't going to mention it to his colleagues when he presented his findings.

The doctor, a less than ethical man, decided to commit minor fraud to achieve his findings. He got in contact with some animal rights activists, and had them stage a break-in to the lab to free the experimental rabbits. He achieves his goal, his hired activists achieve theirs, and the doctor gets more money from his department to get new rabbits.

His plan went off without a hitch, and the next thing that Hilltop knew he was running into the bushes to avoid the rain that was falling quite heavily. He didn't know what it was, having lived all of his life inside of the lab, but it irritated him. In fact, he didn't know much of what anything was, even with his improved intelligence, so he set off to find others like him to explain things to him.

He first met up with Verbena, patrolling outside of Nepenthes alone. He was glad to see another rabbit, but her demands seemed unreasonable to him. Being lost, alone, dirty, soaked with rain, and being pushed around by a strange doe was enough to make him snap. He reverted back to his psychotic state, and tried to kill Verbena. His attempt failed, ending when he and Verbena tumbled into the river. He didn't know how to swim, so his concentrated rage was broken, replaced by his survival instinct.

Although Hilltop did not understand why, Verbena helped him out of the river. Hilltop decided that because of that, he could temporarily suspend his journey to acknowledge Verbena's demands. He would go see her Chief, talk with him about whatever they were supposed to talk about, then he would be on his way again. Verbena suggested that he might stay at the warren and live there, but Hilltop doesn't plan on doing so. He doesn't know where his journey will take him, but he feels compelled to learn more about the outside world. Having nowhere else, he considered using Nepenthes as a starting point for his journey, and perhaps a place to return to when he tires of his travels.


The Human:

Gender: Male

Age: 27




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