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The Rabbit:

Name: Hedgegrow

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Female (Doe)

Coloring: dark gray with light gray underbelly & tail

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian


Hedgegrow is a sensible doe if one is to take the time to get to know her. She is very disgruntled with members of authority. She will not hesitate to disobey their orders or argue with them by any means. But if an outskirter or civilian where to get to know her well, they would find out that she was a very nice and interesting doe. She had many ideas stored in her mind- some that may be very useful for rabbit kind. She is a master story teller, but one would not know it by looking at her. It is said that on evening silflays when the young rabbits were in their groups of gossip, Hedgegrow would come to them and tell them stories; stories that they had never heard before and stories that were very well known-Stories of El-ahrairah, Prince Rainbow, Rabscuttle, of foxes and yonil, the black rabbit of inle and so on. It was a rare event to overhear such stories, let alone be apart of listening to one.

Her fur is a dark gray hue with a lighter underbelly and tail. She has two deep scars that run down her left haunch; an identification mark and her ears are bitten and slit in numerous places. Each nick represented a time when she disobeyed the rules and orders of a member with authority. By this ‘code’ it was plain to tell that she was a troublemaker with the Owsla. It did not displease her that she had those ripped up ears. At least they still held up. It could barley be seen that they were black-tipped.

At her old warren, the rules were very strict and rabbits were cruel. The Owsla and Officers had a rough time keeping all of them under control. After all, the warren was slightly overcrowded. The strongest members of the warren would often raid another warren and take all of the prisoners. Hedgegrow’s mother was a prisoner from the third raid. Her father was a strict officer. Her father had been killed by his own comrades in the Owlsa for being accused of making plots up against the Chief. Thus was a lie, but he was convicted anyways. Her mother died that next winter from disease.

That next summer, the warren was destroyed by men. Many of the outskirters and other civilians survived, while only about twenty of the officers did. Only one Captain of Owsla lived on. Hedgegrow had remembered this particular Captain. He was called Vervain (now residing at the Arkwood Warren), and one fine ni frith he decided to take a group of rabbits to silflay across the brook. Around fu inle he was beginning to tell the mark to head back, but Hedgegrow refused to go, attacking Vervain and creating a huge scene. Along with that, she threatened a number of surrounding officers as soon as they got her under control. She was set before the council for punishment. Both her ears were ripped and nicked for each offense. From then on out, Vervain had kept a close watch on her, and it came as no surprise to her that he had survived the attack from the man. Vervain had led most of the rabbits through the wood, including Hedgegrow, living as hlessi for hrair days. Little by little, rabbits began to disappear, but no one asked where they had gone. They knew that elil had gotten them and there was no need to talk more of it. Hedgegrow broke off from Vervain’s control, taking a small group of does with her. No one knows but her where most of those does went off to, but it is known that Hedgegrow had came upon Nepenthes Warren alone.


The Human:

Gender: Female

Screen Name: Kanine333




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