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The Rabbit:

Name: Gentian

Age: 2 years 9 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Mottled brown, white, and black

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian (Aspiring Captain of Cadet training)


Gentain is muttled brown on his top, and white on his underside, but has a black cap on his head, similar to a chicadee's

Gentian is from a noble rabbit family from a large northern warren. He is a fine fighter in rabbit-to-rabbit, but is not much less than incompetent when commanding on the field. He is excellent at getting an owsla ready to fight though, and with the loyalty of the finest owsla, his family had more influence than the Rah, who was more or less an emperor of three warrens.

Eventually, one of Gentian's messengers, a doe named Aquilegia, got the Groundselrah's ear, she convinced him to declare war on him, and became Groundselrah's mate for her loyalty.

Most of whom he trained flocked to his banner to repair him for making them "real bucks". He was however, very uncertain about his ability to launch an attack, and so instead stayed at his warren to beat off the attacks from the loyal rabbits rather than attempting to seize Groundselrah's warren and declare himself rah of the Watermeadow Collective. It became a war of attrition for the loyalists who easily had twice the number of fighters, so Gentian snuck off one night to head south with a few of his fanatics (for protection) to get away from Groundsel's owsla, vowing to have his revenge on Groundsel and Aquilegia. He told his owsla some day he would return to bring them to victory, but for now they should claim to have chased me away so they can rejoin the Watermeadow Collective.

He first came across the Nildro-Inlé warren, but it just so happened to be fighting the Telestrans, and feeling tired, and not sure if he would like the winner, he passed it by and settled about a mile south.

When the last of his companians were killed by traps or farm animals, he thought it would be best to move south. He came across Nepenthes, which mistakenly, looked like it was at peace. With his wit, charm, and intelligence he would rouse these sleepy inhabitants. And if they are used to war, then all the better.


The Human:

Name: Dylan Sullivan

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Screen Name: coolhandluke




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